Know why jamia students are protesting against cab?

    • You have to know why Jamia students are protesting against “cab” and “cab” is indeed against the constitution of India?


    • The Jamia students are protesting against citizenship amendment bill known as “CAB” because in this bill. All the people  are coming from Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Sri Lanka will get the citizenship of India except “Muslims”. Most of the students that are studying in Jamia milia Islamia is come from other states or other countries. Jamia students are also protesting because of Hindu Muslim discrimination against them. they are against in the making of RSS Hindu Rashtra. Our country is a democratic place where everyone will get equal rights.


    • Now it became a law and no one can do anything about it. But it is about our rights to raise voice against the things that they think it is wrong for the people of India. Becuase are country is a secular nation. We did not discriminate against people on the basis of their religion.This act is purely against the constitution of india.yet it passed in parliament because of the power of BJP.


  • Jamia students are protesting against cab in front of the Jamia campus. The Delhi police barricaded the   entrance of Jamia campus to not move the students further ahead.The residents of Jamia Nagar has also joined in the protest.someone in the crowd started pelting{throwing} stones on the police though it was clear that there is such stones in the campus before that protest. The has hired some “UPADRAVIS” to throw stones.So that they will get the reason to “LATTICHARGE” on students of Jamia milia Islamia.


    • According to a  student who studies in the campus.Delhi police have entered the campus of Jamia milia Islamia university.And started firing “teargas” on the students. Police started beating the students who are innocent and are studying in the library. they took all the phones and cameras from the students.And broke the CCTV camera of the library. And started beating up students brutally.


    • I Don’t know is right or who is wrong but I know That what the Delhi police had done in the Jamia campus is not tolerable in our country.
    • And the protest is not only happening in delhi but  in other states also such as “Assam,Kolkata amu university”  I hope you have understood the scenario.
    • we don’t know to deal with peacfull protesters but we know to deal with UPDRAVIS…

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