How to score Easily in English | Tips and Common Mistakes

      We all know English is the subject which can help you increase your percentage drastically and if not taken seriously than can make you cry even after so much of hard work. By following the methods and tips which are given below you can score Easily in EnHow to score Easily in English | Tips and Common Mistakesglish.


  • By the way, you should start concentrating on studies from the beginning, but you should make sure to do these things.
  • Read the whole question paper with a calm mind.
  • In English paper, all the questions are organized into sections with respect to, do paper according to marks weightage.
  • Always long composition comes from current affairs. so, do read newspaper daily.
  • Practice the format of the letter and helps in gaining good marks.
  • remember to not do any grammar or spelling mistakes in the paper.
  • Try to solve each section separately.
  • When you have done your paper, recheck it check you haven’t done any mistakes.
  • Remember to read the internal choice of the questions.


  • Always write the paper neatly and to the point. Do not try to give extra information to increase your word limit.
  • Write the answers in the paper according to marks given in the question.
  • Try to use new and attractive words to make your answer effective in the paper. But remember not to do any spelling mistakes.
  • Give more attraction to the “poetry section” because there is more chance to score in this rather than any other section.
  • Always try to practice last year’s question paper because most of the questions are gonna repeat.
  • Practice the questions that are marked important by your English teacher.
  • These are the ways you can easily score in English

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