Entrepreneur mindset curriculum implemeted by Delhi government || IS it worth??

  • With an aim to develop the entrepreneurial culture among youngsters and enhance their technical and learning abilities, the Delhi government will implement Entrepreneurship Mindset curriculum
  • In concentration of school and parents on students are always on getting a respectful job and security of life . if you ask from a high school student that what you what to be in your life they always say that I want to become a doctor or an engineer but nobody ever wanted to become a Businessman. that where the concept of EMC came Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum. In which Delhi government start a scheme to make the Entrepreneur mindset of students Through this curriculum. We want to build confidence in our students so that they have the ability to excel in the professional world with the use of their innovative ideas. The program will help them identify business opportunities, assessing resources for setting up a business and learning from the life of successful entrepreneurs in the classroom
  • Here is the video of deputy chief minister of Delhi talking about EMC

Manish Sisodia Speech on Entrepreneur Mindset Curriculum.To watch this and many more videos, click on http://www.youtube.com/c/ManishSisodiaAtWorkwww.youtube.com

  • Students have to make groups to start a bussiness and net amount of money 5000 rupees alloted to each group of students to start their bussiness
  • For classes IX and X, we have provided a similar Entrepreneurship Mindset Facilitator Manual (EMF) to the teachers which will focus on helping the students in understanding their entrepreneurship abilities and training them on the various aspects of risk management during business operations. In classes XI and XII, the students will receive training on how they can identify different opportunities and plan and execute their ideas in the corporate world,” says Yadav.In its first week, the project has received more than 2000 online feedback from schoolteachers. This will help SCERT in preparing the final draft of the curriculum that was introduced by Education Minister Manish Sisodia.
  • This is the great initiative by the Delhi government and eavh state must apply the same scheme as what are Delhi government did|

The vision is to create an entrepreneurial mindset in students so that they become ‘job creators’ instead of ‘job seekers’.

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