Don’t Dare to do these things in your Exam

Going Late

Saying this because when you come to exam hall in a rush your mind is not able to concentrate on paper and you start your paper with very poor handwriting and this seriously affects your marks, moreover, it is not all about writing its also about the way our brain functions, it needs calm and composed state to work in an efficient way .so, better become on time and do your paper calmly make sure you are carrying all the items that are needed in your exam and I guarantee you that by doing this you will surely be able to increase your marks by 50% and that a huge percentage to get over crowd, so Don’t be late in exam hall.


Here comes another point where most people do mistakes they overeat just before the exam. dude listen you have to sit in exam hall atleast 3 hours so eat something light.if you eat heavy food you might feel heaviness in your stomach and difficulty in sitting longer hours and our mothers also force us to eat food you have to educate her that overeating of food is not good for health and exam and eat and light food like oats, muesli etc so, Don’t overeat before the Exam.

ONE NIGHT STANDDon't Dare to do these things in your Exam

This is the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life is not attempting questions that I partially know. I tell you why this is the total mess because when you start your first page with confused answer with confusing answers than your confidence gets severely affected and your motivation to solve other questions becomes zero and you start solving the half questions and the questions of which you know, lost the track of your answer your marks is Reduced by 60%. and that’s a  huge percentage. so, start your paper with the questions you know and try to do your answer within the time limit because I have seen most of the students that when they know the answer to the question they will right a huge paragraph. Dude that is not the right technique to do your paper. You should write your paper according to the marking scheme.


You probably not wanted to use pencil or a black because this is most headache part of exams to use pencil and black ball pen but you are not thinking that teachers have to check hundreds of papers so, they won’t be hardworking to see what you written they gonna write the Cross the answer so it’s your duty to write the that is easy to read and understand to do that you will need the pencil or a black pen to highlight the main keyword and these the short tricks which are less time consuming but gives more profit than anything because the biggest and the hardest thing in Exams is to make teacher understand your answer. I hope so you will learn the importance of the use of a pencil and black pen in exams.


This is the most controversial thing nobody talks about. Is Eating junk food in Exams week. This are the basic problems with every Millenials these days. But did you ever thought that if you get sick how will you able to attend exams and Medical not always work in exams? You should not eat junk food on exam days. Eat only homemade food prepared by your mom because this the best food of your body to work properly. You have been noticed that when to eat junk food you will feel very sleepy because junk food contains more calories and less energy by this you will become lazy and you are not properly able to study. so, Don’t Eat junk in Exams week.


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